1. The product to be considered for warranty repair or replacement should be delievered to an Authorised Service Center for inspection and warranty evaluation.
  2. Warranty policy coverage does not include the pick-up of units or on-site inspection.
  3. Check the unit’s date code to determine if the unit is within the warranty period per policy.
  4. Inspect the unit for both the cause of failure and repair requirements. Determine whether the product failure was caused by a defect in materials or workmanship, and thus warrantable under policy definition.
  5. If the product failure is determined to be caused by a warrantable defect, and the product date code indicates the unit is in warranty period, proceed as follows:


  1. Minor repairs should be carried out by the Service center.
  2. Major repairs or unit replacements should be carried out per the Warranty. Generally, the items will be replaced other than credit notes.